How To Be Happy When There Is So Much Suffering In This World?

Can we live a happy life knowing that someone in some corner of this world is suffering? Well, that's what this article is about. We'll know how can we be happy knowing there is pain and suffering in this world.

How To Be Happy When There Is So Much Suffering In This World?

How Can I Be Happy When There Is So Much Suffering in the World?

Some of you might be really sensitive and emotional. It is very common for emotional people to have thoughts like these. Yes, it's really hard to think in this way but the fact is too many people in this world are suffering. There's not a day that goes during which there isn't some distressing information being reported to the public. And then there are so many people throughout the world who are suffering and struggling to make it each day.

Despite all this suffering and pain, you are living the best life. In fact, a large number of the population is living happily in this world. The point is whatever you put your attention on will grow. If you want to feel more pain and sadness, keep focusing on it. If you want happiness, focus on what makes you happy and do it repeatedly.

It is really nice to have such thoughts, but it is a waste of time if you do nothing about it. If you are aware of the suffering which lies in this world. Then you must try to make others' life meaningful.

You see someone going through tough times, comfort him. Seeing someone going through depression, help him. You can't end the suffering of the entire world. But you can easily comfort the ones who are around you. As Mother Teresa said:

"Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love." -  Mother Teresa

By looking more at the sparkle and less at the scars, you will feel happiness. Embrace life as it is and all your struggles as well. Try to do what you love and you'll surely live a happy and fulfilling life. What you focus on grows, focus on the good things. Like getting 3 meals a day or being grateful for having good friends and family.

Whilst the suffering of others may sometimes call out to us to try to do something, it doesn't mean that we suffer with them. Oftentimes, both happiness and sadness are momentary feelings that one feels if one is in a certain situation.

Being sad today may mean you were happy yesterday - who knows what tomorrow will bring? Change the lens with which you see the world and you'll be having a pleasant life.

Winding Up

Just try to be grateful for what you have and do your part in creating a better world. But don't let negative emotions prevent you from embracing the chance to find joy.

Thanks for reading. 

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