Can We Know What Happiness Is If We Are Always Happy?

One might ask themselves, if we're always happy, will we ever know what happiness is and realize that there's more to life than just feeling good? That's what I am going to answer in this article.

If You Are Always Happy Will You Ever Know What Happiness Is?
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Why Can’t We Understand Happiness Even if We Were Happy All the Time?

We breathe all the time, so do we know what it feels like to be alive? Happiness is just like that. It is very difficult to be happy all the time. And if we assume that you achieve all-time happiness still, you can't know what happiness is.

The existence of opposites makes us experience everything in this life we live in. Black defines white, the night brings day and so on. Humans understand life better once they know what it's like to actually feel sad. In the same way, Once you understand sadness, it makes you appreciate happiness even more. 

You can also take it in a different way. Say for example you remain happy all the time, would there be anything to strive for? Because of this you will live a boring life. There is a human tendency of getting something different every day. 

Winding Up

There is no happiness without unhappiness. You can't understand the Yin without experiencing the Yang. This is the only way one can understand happiness and appreciate it. 

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