Top 10 Most Expensive Apps in the World

Top 10 Most Expensive Apps in the World
All of us have used hundreds of apps, but have you ever tried an expensive app in your life?

There were many paid apps that I always wanted to download and try like GTA games, Hitman, Minecraft, etc.

 But I always wondered if there are the most expensive apps on the internet and if yes, then how many downloads they have, what the apps do, the reason behind their expensive price, and so on.

I researched and found many expensive apps and made a list of the top 10 most expensive apps in the world. The list contains both ios and android apps. 

Honestly, I don't know why these are apps are expensive.

We will start our list in ascending order so do read this whole list to know the most expensive app in the world.

Let's check it out.

Top 10 Most Expensive Apps in the World

#10. 5-Minute Emergency Med Cons 5e

top 10 most expensive apps

Price: $99.99(₹7285.22)

5-Minute Emergency Med Cons 5th edition developed by MedHand Mobile Libraries is an app that contains essential information about more than 600+ clinical problems.

This app is for those who are into clinical practices and learning medicine. The price of this app is not too expensive but sets its spot at number 10 on our list of most expensive apps in the world.

#9. Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics

most expensive app in the world

 Price: $143.99(₹10491.04)

Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics is a textbook developed by MedHand Mobile Libraries. 

The app covers all the answers about pediatric care and provides the "essential information that practitioners and other care providers involved in pediatric health care throughout the world."

It is a user-friendly app with a total of 14 downloads so far. 

The app store version of this book is $10 cheaper than the android version as the ios version.

#8. Bonney's Gyn. Surgery, 11th Ed 

most expensive apps android

Price: $147.49(₹10746.05)

This app is all about good surgical practices and habits. 

The book covers all the chapters a gynecologist wants to study with diagrams to demonstrate the use of modern instruments and procedures.

This app has a total of 10+ downloads so far and I wonder who are those 10 rich people who bought this expensive app.

#7. Most Expensive Ball Jump Game 

expensive game app

Price: $269(₹19599.21)

Most Expensive Ball Jump Game developed byAIZ Fun Games states itself as the most expensive game on google play. The game is all about moving the ball forward and nothing much.

You can find this expensive game on android only.

#6. Classic TC with WordPower 

top expensive app in world

Price: $299.99(₹21857)

This is an ios app and it is a communication app for individuals who have difficulty using their natural voice. 

This app is designed for people suffering from Autism, Down Syndrome, ALS, apraxia, stroke, or other ailments that impair a person's ability to use natural speech.

The user can create buttons and rearrange them, well, it is a great app but I believe the price could've been less.

#5. Most Expensive Quiz Game 

expensive quiz game

Price $384(₹27978)

This quiz game app is just for showing off your richness to buy this dumb app.

The introduction of this app itself states, "Only a true gamer will buy this.. show your friends your richness. Download it Now! The rich man will have 5,000,000 coins to start this game."

You can buy this game if you want to show how rich you are to buy this quiz game. You can find this app on the play store.

#4. Most Expensive Clicker 

expensive app

Price $399.99(₹29070)

Another most expensive app to only buy if you want to show off in front of your friends. This contains a stupid clicker and that's all.

This is an android app and is not available on ios.

#3. Verituner App

top 10 expensive app

 Price: $599.99(₹43714.97)

Verituner app is an advanced piano tuning app so that technicians can tune their piano's well. The app measures the inharmonicity of each note and accumulates a detailed picture of the scaling of the entire piano. 

This is an ios app and you can find it on the apple app store. 

App Store: Verituner App

#2. CyberTuner 

app expensive

 Price: $999.99(₹72858.77)

Cyber tuner is another piano tuning app and is said to be an app for a professional piano tuner.

The user can also get support by either personal email (international) or toll-free phone (in the US & Canada) for registered users.

This app is also an ios app and s not for android. The app makes it position at 2nd position with the send most high price of $999.99 which is actually expensive for an app.

App Store: CyberTuner 

#1. iVIP Black

worlds most expensive app

 Price: $1399.99(₹102002.57)

The most expensive app ever sold in the world is iVIP Black and honestly, I don't know why the hell is this app so expensive because you can buy a flagship expensive smartphone at this price. 

You can buy this app on both the play store and app store. 

But why someone will download it?

The reason to buy this app is if you want to be treated like a Vip you can buy this app. 

The benefits include Be treated like a VIP across our partner venues benefit from unique VIP privilege rates with many of our partner services, complimentary room upgrades at luxurious hotels, the advantage of priority booking at premium restaurants, etc.

But it's hilarious that the app states at the end that "please note: These services come at additional cost."

You will get VIP treatment only at the partner venues. If you want to experience the sample of how this app works you can download the free version which is iVIP Red.

Buy the android version of this app only if you want to download it because on the play store it is cheaper. The android version of this most expensive app in the world costs $384 on android.

Play Store: iVIP Black
App Store: iVIP Black


Interestingly a large number of these most expensive apps in the world are just useless and you can buy a smartphone at this price😂 

This list is just for fun and I do not suggest you buy these dumb apps if you want to do something then give this amount of money to someone who genuinely needs it.

I hope you find this list interesting.

Do comment down below if you did charity today or helped someone.

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