Everything About Third Eye - What is it? How to Awaken it?

Everything About Third Eye - What is it? How to Awaken it?

Do you know there is an energy centre in your body that can make you confident, fearless, can enhance your focus and can take you to another dimension?

Yes, there is an energy centre which is called The Third Eye, and it is present in every human being. 

Many people are unaware of this powerful energy centre which is left unawakened throughout their whole life.

But do you know that there are ways to awaken it? 

So let's know everything about the third eye and how to awaken it.

About Third Eye

everything About third eye
Shiva's Third Eye(Located at the tip of the nose)

If you have heard about the third eye, then there is a chance that you know about Lord Shiva.

Lord Shiva is the third god in the Hindu Trimurti. The Trimurti consists of three gods, Lord Brahma(Creator), Lord Vishnu(preserver) and Lord Shiva(destroyer). 

Lord Shiva is believed to have a third eye, and his third eye is believed to be the eye of wisdom and the destroyer of Maya.

But, there is much more about the third eye which only a few people in this world are aware of. 

Let's first know what the third eye is.

What Is The Third Eye?

What is third eye? Everything about third eye
Third Eye(painting by Renee Sarasvati)

The third Eye(also called the pineal gland or Ajna Chakra) refers to a mystical eye that can see into other dimensions beyond the physical world. In spirituality, the third eye often symbolises a state of enlightenment. It is said that perfect clarity arises with the awakening of the third eye.

The third eye is not of the physical world, which normal eyes can perceive. Its is beyond the physical world and it stimulates your energies to see into another dimension of life.

Ajna Chakra is the chakra that is related to intelligence.

In a nutshell, the third eye helps you to access the functions of the mind like complex ideas, intuition, spiritual awakening, peace, etc. 

Many spiritual masters believe that the third eye is located where a person's pineal gland is, and that's why it is also called the pineal gland.

The third eye usually accesses the functions of your right brain(creativity centre) which is responsible for storing your deep fears, creativity, intuition, imagination, wisdom and also more significant parts of your mind and that's why eastern refer to it as "Inner Eye".

The truth is that there is no physical third eye that will protrude out of your head, it is just a symbolic representation that you start to perceive beyond the world of duality by the third eye awakening. 

You will see beyond wrong and right, beautiful and ugly, true and false. It is just about seeing and perceiving like mystics.

How To Awaken Your Third Eye?

How to awaken your third eye? What is third eye

The reason behind everyone wants to awaken their third eye is because they know that to know is to be free and there is no other way to know unless your understanding is beyond its limitations. 

To shatter the ignorance one has he has to know himself completely, and that's the reason why yoga, meditation and other sorts of ways are so popular.

There are also researches that indicate that there is something special about the point between your eyebrows.

When we are in deep sleep, then our eyes are drawn upwards in proportion to the depth of sleep. Now, psychologists are doing much experimentation on sleep. The deeper you are in sleep, the higher are your eyes; the lower the eyes, the greater is their movement. If your eyes are moving very rapidly under their eyelids you are having a very eventful dream. Now, this has been scientifically proved by through experiments – that “rapid eye movement, REM,” indicates a fast-moving dream. The lower the eyes, the greater the REM; as the eyes go higher, the REM is reduced. When the REM is zero, sleep is at its deepest. Then the eyes remain steady between the two eyebrows.

Yoga says that in deep sleep we reach the same state that we reach in samadhi. The place where the eyes become fixed is the same in deep sleep and in samadhi.

There are millions of ways to awaken your Third eye. But I will tell you the most effective way by which you can try to open the third eye.

 It is said that meditation is the best way to awaken your third eye.

Most Effective Way To Awaken Your Third Eye?

#1. Third Eye Meditation

The third eye meditation is just like any other form of meditation in which you just have to meditate for 10-20 minutes daily. 

Here's a step by step way you should do the third eye meditation.

1. Start by sitting on the floor, folding your legs with your spine erect, shoulders relaxed and hands facing upwards on your knees.

third eye meditation

2. Now lightly touch your index finger with your thumb and gently close your eyes.

meditation third eye

3. Noe breath slowly, inhale and exhale deeply and try to concentrate on the point between your eyebrows(you can also use your fingers to locate the exact point)

third eye awakening

4. Now breathe slowly and focus on this point and meditate. Meditate for 20 minutes at a stretch and do not try to stop your thoughts just observe.

Do this every day but do not expect the changes overnight, it is never too easy. You just have to be consistent.

What Happens When You Awaken Your Third Eye? (Benefits)

Your curiosity to know what will happen after the awakening of the third eye must have been increased. 

The truth is that there are many things you experience internally and externally after the awakening of your third eye.

No, you are not going to possess powers like a superhuman, you will just experience life in a very different way. 

With the third eye's awakening, you will know yourself thoroughly, sexual, emotional, materialistic, and all kinds of desires will vanish. The ignorance will disappear, and you will perceive the world with a nondualistic vision.

Honestly, there are numerous things one experience when he opens or awakens his/her third eye.

Do not believe any article or video which says that you will see some sort of white, bluish or any light. If you are watching those things do believe me that those are just illusions you are creating yourself. 

Here is a list of things that one experiences after the awakening of Ajna Chakra or Third eye.

  • You will know yourself completely.
  • You will notice your unconscious behaviour.
  • You will realize that you are not this body and mind, you are a soul.
  • You will stop seeking happiness in the outside world. You will find it inside.
  • You will experience an infinite source of peace and happiness within.
  • The energies in your chakras will be balanced.
  • You will become more flexible mentally.
Watch this video by Sadhguru to know the profound meaning of the third eye.

Though there are a lot of benefits in the awakening of the third eye, there are also dangers.

Dangers and Side-effects in Opening of The Third Eye

Dangers and Side-effects in Opening of The Third Eye

The third eye is also called Ajna. Ajna means 'To Know'. The only danger in the awakening of your third eye is that you may lose emotions and become very uninterested in everything.

This is the only danger which has been told by the ancient rishis about the awakening of the third eye.

Now I will share what the famous mystic gurus say about the third eye and its awakening.

What did Mystics Said About Third Eye?

Many mystics said many things about the third eye. Here are some of them:


For example, you have never thought without breathing. Thinking has always been with breathing. You are not conscious of breathing, but breathing is there continuously, day and night. Every thought, every thinking process is associated with breathing. If you stop your breathing suddenly, thought will also stop. And if all the seven holes -- the seven openings of the head -- are closed, your consciousness suddenly cannot move out. It remains in, and that remaining in creates a space between your eyes. That space is known as the third eye.


The most significant aspect of Shiva is that he opened his third eye. He did many other things – he danced, he meditated, he married twice. All that is fine, but it is only because he opened his third eye that we remember him even today. After thousands of years, we still bow down to him because there is no substitute for knowing. To know is to be free. And there is no way to know unless your perception is enhanced beyond its present limitations.


Buddhists regard the third eye as the "eye of consciousness", representing the vantage point from which enlightenment beyond one's physical sight is achieved.


The eye is the lamp of the body. So, if your eye is healthy, your whole body will be full of light 


If you are very much interested in opening your third eye, then you should know everything about it first, because it is crucial to know the pros and cons of everything while going on such a path without a guru.

Start by doing basic meditation for years and then follow deep meditations where you just focus on your breathing and the point between your eyebrow.

I wish you reach that stage where you awaken your third eye and experience another dimension.

There are many paths, but third eye meditation is the best way to start with. 

I hope this article might have helped you in finding your answers.

If you have any question related to the topic, do comment below.

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