5 Lesser-Known Ways To Improve Your Communication Skills

6 Lesser-Known Ways To Improve Your Communication Skills

Effective communicators are in demand, and their skills are required in every aspect of life. Good communication skills do not require the use of vocabulary or excellent language skills.

So, what does it require? and what are the ways to improve communication skills?

It requires simple techniques and steps that you will learn in this blog. So I am going to share 5 ways you can improve your communication skills.

So, without wasting a minute, let's dive right into the article.

    Why You Should Improve Your Communication Skills and How is it Important?

    Ways to improve communication skills

    Communication skills are just like training a muscle because it requires practice and effort to see the desired results.

    Improving this skill will help you understand the people around you, make them listen to you and get attention while you speak.

    A good communicator is not one who knows how to speak a language well, but he is the one who knows how to convey his ideas to the person interestingly and confidently.

    Good communication skills require practise, dedication and effort. 

    Communication skills come in the list of most demanding skills of 2020 and beyond, but why is it so important is the question.

    Communication skills are the ones which everybody requires in his or her life, whether it may be your career, relationship, etc.

    Communication- the human connection is the key to personal and career success. -Paul J. Meyer

    A person’s achievements in life depend on his communication and leadership skills.  

    But you should understand leadership requires this skill too.

    A person who communicates well can do better in his/her career. There are certain times when you are asked to give a presentation, debate, or if you are lucky enough, you can be called to a Ted Talk.

    Effective communication can help you in your personal life too. 

    Many relationships get boring because of ineffective communication, which makes this skill so important.

    Ways To Improve Your Communication Skills

    So, as you know why you should improve your communication skills and how important it is to sharpen your skill to remain in demand, let's know the simple steps to improve your communication skills.

    1. Body Language

    lesser known ways to improve communication skills

    Body language is an important way of improving communication skills. It shows how well you can be trusted, because body language shows what is going in your mind.

    Body language includes so many things like eye contact, hand gestures, body movements, etc.

    Many people hold negative body language, for example folding their arms, scratching their head which doesn't look good.

    On the other hand, the positive body language shows how interested, confident, engaging you are in your communication.

    A good stance and posture reflect a proper state of mind.  - Morihei Ueshiba 

    Learn to improve your body language as the first step towards developing communication skills. 

    You can try these positive body language:

    • Leaning in
    • Direct eye contact
    • Nodding head
    • Standing straight
    • Unfolded arms
    • Smiling face
    These positive body language will enhance your way of communication.

    2. Observe

    Observe communication skills imrpove

    Best communicators are keen observers.

    You should watch YouTube videos and learn the communication skills of those charismatic people you like.

    Observe how they speak, the way they move their hands, posture, etc.

    Observe how everyone speaks, reacts, facial expressions, hand gestures, etc. By this, you can improve your skills.

    To acquire knowledge one must study; but to acquire wisdom, one must observe. 
                                                                                                            -Marilyn Vos Savant

    Observing allows you to learn from others' mistakes so that you wouldn't repeat the same.

    You can learn many things about a person by observing, so make use of this tool to observe some extraordinary orators and learn from them.

    3. Simplicity

    5 Lesser-Known Ways To Improve Your Communication Skills

    While communicating, try to use simple language and words so that more people can understand what you want to tell them.

    Many people mistake having command of the language with communication skills, but the truth is, they both are not the same. 

    A person can communicate in the best possible way if he knows how to; it doesn't need language, it just needs the correct way.

    Not everyone understands the meaning of "hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia" you can search it, it's really a word in English. 

    That's what I want you to understand. Use the simplest way of speaking possible so that more people can understand.

    Quick Tip: It is important sometimes to have command of at least one language. It doesn't matter which language you speak; what matters is how well you know the language. Say when you speak Hindi, speak only Hindi and do not mix it with English words and vice versa. This will make you more attractive while communicating.

    4. Curiosity


    Curiosity is one of the other tools for you to make improvements in your way of communication.

    The problem is that a person who possesses excellent communication skills tries to engage with his listeners, which can only happen when one listens with curiosity. 

    Do not listen with an intent to reply but to just LISTEN!

    Be curious about learning these skills, be curious about listening to people whose communication skills you admire; in this way, you can learn so much in a short time.

    As James Cameron said, "Curiosity is the most powerful thing you own," you should use this thing in the best possible way.

    It looks attractive when you are best at conveying ideas in a way people love to listen to you and when you are curious to listen to them.

    5. Read

    Ways To Improve Your Communication
     In a world where information is the new treasure, reading is the key to that treasure.

    You cannot speak about something unless you know about the topic well. 

    I cannot tell you anything about communication skills if I have read nothing about it or tried it myself.

    To gain knowledge, reading habit is a must.

     Reading habits will not only provide you with knowledge about the topic, but also it will enhance your sentence structure ability.

    Reading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary.
                                                                                    -Jim Rohn

    Without fluency in speaking, nobody will be interested in listening to you, everyone wants to listen to someone who is knowledgeable & fluent, and in this case, reading will be your friend.

    Essentials of Extra-ordinary Communication Skills (I Bet These Will Help)

    As we have discussed how we can improve and work upon our communication skills, I will tell you about some essential elements of good communication. 

    Good communication makes up some essential elements and those elements help the person with whom you are communicating to understand what you want to convey.

    So here are some major essentials you need to improve your communication:


    Clarity in speaking improves communication skill

    By clarity, I mean you should be clear about what you are speaking about. 

    You should be clear and confident about the facts, ideas, and messages you want to tell your listener. 

    When you are not clear about the topic and about what you are talking about then, there arises a problem of misinterpretation. 

    You should speak in a very clear and confident way because this allows other people to concentrate on what you are saying.

    2. Information

    how to improve communication skills

    Say you are giving a speech and you did not try to collect the proper and true information about what you are going to speak, then this will make you underconfident and nervous.

    This will happen because you will be left with nothing to speak more about that topic as you do not know about the topic.

    Communication skills in a person are also seen by how aware a person is. 

    You cannot talk about quantum physics if you do not know what it is. 

    This element in communication will help you in speaking more confidently.

    3. Attention

    ways to improve communication skills

    Attention is also a key element while developing communication skills.

    Communication is not just about speaking well or making someone listen to you, but it is also about keeping attention to the behaviour of that person.

    You can get an idea of how  interested a person is while you are communicating just by keeping attention.

    Attention allows you to know when to take a pause or when a person is getting bored.

    These small details enhance your effectiveness in the process of communication.

    4. Understanding

    understand audience

    Understanding is the most essential and best tool which makes an ordinary communicator into an extraordinary one.

    Say you went to a shop to buy shoes. The shopkeeper is good at communication and everything, but he does not understand your demand, which means you are saying to him you want budget sports shoes, but he shows you a branded and expensive one.

    Will you go to that shop next time? No, you will not.

    An extraordinary communicator does not lack this essential key, and that's why we see people who are excellent communicators never indulge in debates.

    They win an argument just by understanding and agreeing with what the other person is saying. 

    Communication is about understanding a person, not winning an argument.


    These essential elements are just a bonus for you to take your communication skills one step higher. In order to improve your communication skills keep these ways in your mind while you speak.

    Just practice!

    I hope this article helped you in finding the ways you can improve your communication skills.

    Keep practising and make minor efforts every day to see the results.

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